What Is New? Social Media Is The Hot Topic!

Everyday my clients call to pick my brain about something they hear about  in social circles or  what is the latest buzz in the marketing scene!  Seems like social media is the hot topic today!

Yes, Social Media is an excellent way to network! I like to call it the “Door-To-Door” of online marketing.

It is the same theory as in any networking you do for business….. It is building relationships that will someday build your business.  (So yes, there is an etiquette and protocol…you should learn it or stand the chance to shoot yourself in the foot!)

I mean have you ever bought a car from someone who made your skin crawl?  Or have you ever eaten at a restaurant that clearly looks like it should be closed for business?  You buy from people you like and the same concept is true in any networking scenario you choose.  Only today which one do you choose????  It is way overwhelming and it isn’t getting any easier to decide these days.

With all the new fangled shiny objects to keep us busy on our new, image building, cell phones, palm pilots and web cruisers on the go (I like to call them)….who knows what is the best way or venues to keep in constant contact with our potential clients or referral sources?  And lets face it, we absolutely have to be even more client conscience  and customer oriented today than yesterday. With competition so tight, they need to feel like they really know us and trust us!

Let’s see….you now have a new and very popular, 1 to 2 liner hot ditties, such as, Twitter (which I will admit…I am definitely a part of)  everyone including Hollywood is using it!  Then there is your gazillion meet-up social sites and forums, not to mention you have your old school meet and greets which will keep you busy running back and forth all day long!  So how do you get any work done if you’re constantly building relations?  I must admit it is tricky!

So, here is my suggestion…. You hire someone to do it all for you.  You spend all of your time with the exception of 2 or 3 hours a day that you may want to sleep, socialize with the family or maybe even eat.  Or you could just not bother at all and stay with what you know.  Any one of the above will produce some results.  (Yes!  I am being sarcastic!  But not for malice…it is because there is just not enough hours in a day anymore and why would you want to work harder instead of smarter?  I mean that is silly!)

Key word…Some! We all want some! And that is what you need to do, get some.  You can spend hours a day, figuring out “some”.  You can master something great in a few days, weeks or months that will give you “some”

Or you can hire a professional to help you learn, get you started and do the little things that take up so much time and energy….I mean why should you sweat the small stuff just to get a little of some of the pie?  You have the right to let someone help.

That is what I do… I help you… help yourself.  I am affordable, savvy and full of innovative techniques to help you thrive in an ever changing economy!

If you want to learn more about what all the buzz is…

If you want to thrive in an economy that is barely holding on…

If you believe you really need something new and innovative to get you out of the slump you are in…

THEN CONTACT ME TODAY! I assure you, you will not find what I have to say boring or unattainable!  And the best part is my free consultation will let you know if it is something you need or not!  What do you have to lose?

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