Words Are Powerful

Do you ever remember, when you were a young grasshopper,  getting a note from your mom in your lunch box that simply said, “I love you and I hope you have a good day?”  Remember how it made you feel?  I do!  It made me feel special, loved and full of joy.Excited dance Pictures, Images and Photos

On the other hand…I also remember getting a note from my mom when I was in trouble.  She wrote, “Melody Ann (I always knew I was in trouble with that middle name thing), I asked you to please let me know where you were today, but you chose to ignore me.  Due to that choice I now missed my flight to my work convention, and now I am unemployed.”  (As if those words alone didn’t make me feel bad enough, the ending made me feel totally two inches tall) She went on to sign it, “I love you and normally am very proud of you, but today, your actions really disappointed me.  I hope it was important to you.  Love, Mom.”  She signed it with the “Love, Mom” thing!!!  That kills me when you think, man I really messed up and now, but…she still loves me! Photobucket

That is just a scenario of how words can touch someone.  You have the power to deliver something everyday to someone.  You can either deliver something positive or negative.  And the impression you leave them with can make or break their day.

So think about it when you get out of bed and open your mouth.  Are you going to bring a smile to the ones you love or are you going to start their day off wrong and maybe set the pace for what will follow all the way through.  You have the power to set the pace…so set it the way you would want someone to set yours for you.

Just a small humble opinion based on my own childhood experiences.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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