Times are tough…Ok…so what?

How many times have you heard this in the past 2 years from your clients?  It is a deal breaker before you even get comfortable at their desk and want to scream, right?  So what do you do?

Times are tough.  But you have two choices;  Stop trying, give in to the economy and let every bit of your blood sweat and tears go. “Or” you can hunker down, get the kick butt/I’m not letting this get me down attitude and arm yourselves with the most innovative tools on the market today to help you succeed!

You have so many things available to you now that were beyond your reach before. Or maybe you knew but you didn’t want to bother to learn it.  Let’s face it, Print Ads are not pulling what they use too, Yellow Pages are all fluff and most people these days don’t even want to save them because they are dust collectors, Radio & T.V. are just too darn expensive and may or may not hit your target audience (if you can afford the slot you need) and Direct Mail is still hanging on by a thread, sometimes giving you ROI if you are savvy enough to get the right lists to send to.  So, what does that leave you?

You have the Internet!  Of course…that little computer that is blinking at you as it’s saying…give me a shot!  I really am good for more than an E-card or E-mail to someone.  E-Commerce, E-Marketing, E-News Letters, E-Books, E-Magazines and now E-ven your Newsprint Newspapers are going online! (Does this tell you anything?)

They all promise to give you the best RIO with your advertising dollars and promise to make you money and bring you in new clients by the droves.  Do you see them lately?  Are they beating down your door?  Not to knock the good ‘ole days when “I” use to sell and utilize all of the above venues to market business for my clients but they are now just not effective like they were.  Yes they are great for the few people who still enjoy those things but your objective isn’t for just one mindset it is for all mindsets and you as a business owner want to reach as many as possible with what you put out there.  Especially in these times when money is tight and every effort needs to be a slam dunk!

You have so many avenues available to you now.  So why not educate yourself and begin the process of bringing your business into the 21st century and use the masses of Social Media and the Marketing experts it works with to help you get where you are going a whole lot faster!